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Back Pain

Are you struggling with persistent back pain? Have you been relegated to popping painkillers almost every day? Don't give up because there is a remedy that can put your health back on track. Back pain may have wreaked havoc on your health, but chiropractic care can restore your health and wellness.


For back pain treatment, please book an appointment with Edelson Wellness Center, serving the regions of Tampa and South Tampa, FL. Our chiropractor is ready to walk with you in your recovery journey by providing superb back pain chiropractic treatment.

Back Pain Explained

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common conditions that force many workers globally to abscond from their duties to seek treatment? Back pain may be due to an injury, medical condition, or poor posture. However, sometimes the cause of the pain might be vague. It's complex to deal with back pain, particularly when you are not conversant with the underlying cause.

While sometimes back pain may disappear on its own, you need to seek treatment if you experience the below symptoms:

  • Weight loss
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Fever
  • Pain radiating down the legs
  • Inflammation or swelling at the back
  • Numbness around the buttocks
  • If you have experienced a recent injury or trauma in the back region

Common Causes of Back Pain

Wondering what causes your back pain? There are many causes of back pain. Some include:

  • Osteoporosis: Patients with osteoporosis lose bone density, leading to bone fragility. Given the weak nature of the bones, fractures may occur, causing pain.
  • Spondylosis: As one ages, the discs in the spine get thinner, and the spaces between the vertebrae become narrower, triggering back pain.
  • Slipped disc: Spinal discs may slip or bulgeexerting pressure on a nerve. The result is back pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling in other body parts.
  • Awkward curvature of the spine: If the spine is abnormally positioned, it can induce back pain. For resistance, scoliosis causes the spine to bend on one side. 
  • Injury: Damage to the back's nerves, tendons, ligaments, and muscles may result in back pain.

How Does a Chiropractor Help Treat Back Pain?

When you visit our chiropractor at Edelson Wellness Center, they will inquire about your medical history. After that, they initiate a physical assessment and may undertake lab tests or diagnostic imaging to pinpoint the exact cause of your back pain.

A chiropractor may use chiropractic adjustments to manipulate your spinal joints by employing a regulated, sudden low-adjustments gentle force to reduce pain. Also, chiropractors integrate nutritional counseling and exercise or rehabilitation into their treatment plans. Other chiropractic techniques to relieve back pain include massage therapy and lifestyle counseling.

Let Our Chiropractor Treat You Today

Don't let back pain jeopardize the quality of your life. Get in touch with our chiropractor at Edelson Wellness Center, serving the regions of Tampa and South Tampa, FL for pain relief. Call us today at (813) 831-8321 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had been suffering from chronic pain in my upper back and shoulder every time I sat at my desk for more than an hour. After my first visit with Doctor Edelson, I felt immediate relief, and after just 6 visits, the pain was gone altogether. I also appreciated how Dr Edelson took the time to explain to me what adjustments he was making, and how they affect the alignment of my spine. I would highly recommend Edelson Chiropractic to anyone who suffers from pain."
    Marc B Tampa, FL

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